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A chassis that any driver can use with ease, benefiting from the expertise and experience that TB KART brings to the table with a product that has evolved and advanced over many years of competitions.

As a result of TB KART Racing Team’s relentless Research & Development, the S197M chassis (available in single-speed and shifter versions) is distinguished by the fit and finish of the smallest of details. The design of the frame, as well as the choice to use only 32 mm diameter tubes to manufacture it, makes it a product particularly suitable for the shifter kart classes. The care given to the design of the S197M and the precision with which TB KART’s components are produced is a guarantee of the quality of a chassis designed to deliver industry-leading performance. Strengthened by a foundation established through years of experience in national and international competitions, including even the most prestigious ones, the S197M is characterized by exceptional flexibility and ease of use which allows it to adapt to the most diverse track conditions. Additionally, the functionality of the S197M translates into a remarkable ease of use with minimal management needed, making it the ultimate expression of karting which is extremely accessible, even to those considering it for the first time.

Ideal for categories: Shifter (CIK-FIA, National championships)


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Technical information

The chassis comes complete with all accessories except: motor, motor plate, cooling kit, transmission kit and tyres.

FIA KARTING Homologated Chassis No. 020-CH-32
Shell 25Cr-Mo 4 Ø32mm
wheelbase 1045mm
Removable 8.5 l tank
Aluminium plate with TBKART stickers
excluding engine plate (supplied with engine)
Standard model seat
seat reinforcements L260 x 2 - L280 x 1 - L300 x 1
Fairing set KG 507-508 FIA KARTING homologated
KG C3 Rear Bumper
front spoiler supports CIK homologated
3F Magnesium Wheels 130+212mm
Magnesium Rear Hubs Ø50mmx100mm
Magnesium front hubs Ø40mmx75mm
Racing 11° Ø25mm 2022 spindles
TBKART steering wheel Ø330mm
Rear axle model M2 standard Ø50mmx1030mm
Rear ventilated floating brake disc Ø 187mm
Front ventilated floating brake disc Ø 149mm
Cast iron brake discs
brake master cylinder with play recovery
Complete gear lever 2022 version
Adjustable clutch lever
TBKART sticker set 2022 design
SNIPER camber/caster system



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