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The winning choice for the Rotax shifter category.

The outcome of a project resulting from the Research & Development department extensive craftmanship, then put into practice by the TBKART Racing Team, the DD2 chassis is designed specifically for the special needs of the Rotax single-brand shifter category. Sharing a single development direction with a reference to the model, such as the S197M, now having several elements in common, (including the main components such as the braking system, frame geometry, steering system and the Cs degrees), the DD2 starts from an extremely solid foundation. The implementation of more class-specific accessories, such as the 40 mm diameter axle instead of the traditional 50 mm version, has contributed to further refinement of a model capable of adapting to all of the characteristics of a unique class of its kind. Without the classic engine-side bearing housing support as well as muffler supports, the TBKART DD2 is the ideal choice for the distinctive Rotax engine.

Ideal for categories: Rotax DD2


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Technical information

The chassis is supplied complete with all parts excluded: enginekit,engine mount,cooling system, trasmission kit and tyres.

  • S55 DD2 chassis
  • Naked frame 25Cr-Mo 4 Ø32mm
  • Wheelbase 1045mm
  • Fuel tank 8,5 liters removable
  • Floor tray aluminium with TBKART stickers
  • Without engine mount (supplied with the engine)
  • Seat model standard
  • Seat rinforce L260 x 2 - L280 x 1 - L300 x 1
  • Set Bodyworks KG 507-508 approved FIA KARTING
  • Rear bumper KG C3
  • Front spoiler CIK homologated
  • Magnesium wheels EF 130+212mm
  • Rear Magnesium Hubs Ø50mmx100mm
  • Front Magnesium Hubs Ø40mmx75mm
  • Stub Axle model Racing 11° Ø25mm
  • TBKART steering wheel Ø330mm
  • Rear Axle model M2 standard Ø40mmx1030mm
  • Rear brake disc ventilated floating Ø 187mm
  • Front brake disc ventilated floating Ø 149mm
  • Iron cast brake disc
  • Pump with oil recovery tank
  • TBKART stickers set 2023 design
  • Camber/Caster system SNIPER

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